Giardia and coccidia contagious, Ha a giardiasis elemzése kétséges

Glad I held off on a review.

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Giardia and coccidia contagious chose the breed for a very very specific reason- not just because it's my favorite, the temperament, energy level and size are best suited for my family, but that I had just lost my love to cancer last spring. Communication was iffy once my deposit was sent, although I chalked that up to the breeder just being busy as she said she was.

I was so excited after waiting some time for her leave date and driving two hours. I wasn't leaving without a puppy especially after a nonrefundable deposit and the breeder knew that.

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This dog is anything but Pitbull. After two different puppy training schools, she is still completely out of control.

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I've worked a lot in the veterinary field, and have many many years experience working with animals. She has more energy than any dog I've met in the past two years. Three days ago she attacked another one of our dogs over a toy.

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She has a very strong prey drive and has a very hard time not attacking the cats. Today she actually jumped onto the hood of a car and then onto the roof.

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She is unruly and will nip your fingers if you try to crate her. She is anything but the breed of dog that I had originally giardia and coccidia contagious to add to our family. As a single disabled mother of a two year old, having planned to train the dog for service needs, I am very unhappy.

giardia and coccidia contagious

For people parazita mustar are very specific about their breed of dog, it's upsetting to feel lied to and taken advantage of. Her one saving grace is that she is absolutely wonderful with my daughter and I giardia and coccidia contagious her completely with my child. She would never intentionally hurt anyone or anything, including my child. The only fear is her being too excited and knocking my daughter over, I do not believe she would ever go any further to cause harm.

She nearly died in the span of two days at one point due to lymes.

Ha a giardiasis elemzése kétséges

We brought her to the vet and were told she had had lymes for two years. That could not be possible, as she's not giardia and coccidia contagious a year old and was five months at the time.

She is part of the family now, and we will do the best we can. But buyer beware. Ask plenty of questions and make sure you view the parents. It was very hard to decipher a breed early on, but giardia and coccidia contagious we know.

giardia and coccidia contagious